HR Services

Consulting and Placements

Temporary Staffing Services

Supplement your workforce capacity by using Ebes temp staffing services to easily cover seasonal or short-term demand surges and absences, or special projects or events. You benefit from top talent while avoiding the potential expense and commitment of regular, full-time hires.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Services

Find out whether an employee will be a great fit with Ebes temp-to-hire staffing services. Before you make a hiring decision, take the opportunity to evaluate the employee’s skills, performance, and cultural fit, and let the employee learn whether your opportunity will be a good long-term fit for them.

Direct-Hire Placement

Because we source both active and passive candidates, we can identify key talent to help you build your regular, full-time team. With our extensive network of candidates, we always know the right person for your unique needs.

HR Services

We offer On Site or Off site dedicated HR personnel for doing the Day to Day HR tasks like Gathering requirements from Hiring Managers, Recruitment, Initial Candidate Screening, Employee plan administration, Benefits Administration.

CMO CRL Audits and Quality Assurance

We can perform CMO Audits for Pharma and Biotech Clients